Disrupting how Government Contractor view Federal Data

Partners, Competition, Agency Spending, and Sub-Contracting

In a data-driven environment, companies want to make educated business decisions based on reliable information. Analytics accelerate the capture management process by identifying how agencies spend money, understanding why competitors and partners attract opportunities, and determining which partner is right to partner with.

Although existing resources present this information, these systems do not communicate between each other. Business development ,sub-contract/contract managers, capture management teams do not have the full picture because the data lacks an integrated environment.

FedAnalytics : Centralizing opportunities and intelligence

That is where TechnoMile comes in. TechnoMile developed GovCon Suite to become the de facto business development and contract lifecycle management tool for government contractors and further designed FedAnalytics to consolidate disparate government contracting information. FedAnalytics organizes the data in a more logical and easy to process format on a centralized CRM platform, allowing business developers, proposal writers, and executives the ability to view spending data in the context of actual opportunities.

How it Works

FedAnalytics aggregates data from multiple sources, like Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS) and Data.gov, to generate comprehensive charts and dashboards. TechnoMile is partnering with other third-party intelligence providers, like Deltek GovWin IQ, to have information all in one place. Enabling capture managers, contract managers, subcontract managers, business developers, business analyst, and executives to operate more efficiently.

How it is being used

FedAnalytics visualizes a company’s past and current prime obligations and sorts the awarding agencies by spending amount, allowing users to easily digest the federal government’s spending habits. It provides insight to companies’ existing customer relationships, type of work they pursue, and the actual work they performed. This additional layer of information will improve your company’s ability to understand your competitors and partners’ position within the government contracting industry.

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Executives can make more strategic decisions by leveraging their partners relationships for entering new contracts and identifying competitors’ competencies; companies may collaborate and record this intelligence for immediate and future use. FedAnalytics compiles data into a comprehensive tool that fits into the GovCon Suite, improving visibility within CRM systems and empowering your company to grow. To learn more, contact a TechnoMile FedAnalytics representative at info@352.730.myftpupload.com.

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