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Part two in a two-part series about Customer Experience (CX) —a key priority and competitive differentiator for businesses in 2020.

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In this blog we continue to outline ways organizations can improve CX to win more business:


Empower Frontline Employees

Just as you want to empower customers in self-service, you want to ensure that frontline employees serving the customers are enabled as well. Employees need access to the same knowledge repository so that support is consistent, accurate, and up-to-date.  They will also need access to advanced technical information for solving problems and customer information that is essential for serving customers effectively and speeding response times.

Frontline employees are often the first to discover issues customers are facing. Periodically surveying frontline employees can help pinpoint pressing customer needs and opportunities.



Customers want to feel unique and valued with personalized interactions. Research from McKinsey found that companies that excel at personalization deliver five to eight times the marketing ROI and boost their sales by more than 10% over companies that don’t personalize. Personalization can be as simple as using the customer’s name in the greeting, personalizing content based on location, or prepopulating data in forms and surveys. Automation, advanced analytics, and artificial intelligence are now making advanced personalization at scale possible.  Companies can automatically serve up recommendations based on a customer’s past purchase or viewing history, offer dynamic web content personalized for a user, or summarize account information for customers on-the-fly.

The degree of personalization you can provide to a customer depends on the quality and quantity of information you have about the customer; and how well it is organized for analysis and decision making.


Seamless, Multi-Channel Support

Customers today want options for how they interact with solution providers. They may check your website for information, send an email with a question, and then follow up by making a phone call or submitting a chat message. To successfully service customers across multiple channels, it’s essential to ensure the information you are providing to prospects and customers across all channels is consistent and timely. It’s also vital to have escalation strategies in place as a backup or if one channel is not available.

Customers expect service to be seamless and continuous. So if they switch channels midstream or restart a previous request, ideally, the new service rep for that channel should have access to previous interactions and have visibility across channels. According to Gartner, “Customers say they want the company to ‘know them’ and ‘know where they’ve been.’”


Real-time Data Analysis

A best-practice approach to CX relies heavily on customer data, which is still fragmented in many organizations today. Breaking down those data silos and stitching the data together is what will separate the winners from the losers. Data analytics software solutions can help companies collect and integrate large amounts of customer data and analyze it in real-time. The insight gained from analysis helps teams understand the defining moments and key drivers in the customer journey. It helps them to understand the most common paths in the customer journey so that customers and prospects can be more easily segmented for personalizing campaign messaging and offers. Real-time customer data analysis can also help to uncover the highest impact segments for growing revenue and to identify where improvements should be made to reduce costs, improve ROI, and increase customer satisfaction.



Thanks to technology and specifically industry-specific CRM, companies can connect with customers in new and exciting ways, raising the bar for the customer experience across industries. With new technology like predictive analytics, automation, and artificial intelligence embedded in these modern systems, now you can predict the future needs of your customers – before they even realize their need, recommend products and services based on their purchase history, get 360% visibility across multi-geo accounts, and deliver highly personalized marketing campaigns. If you’re ready to explore the capabilities of the TechnoMile’s industry-specific solutions and see how they can help you achieve your business goals and bring you closer to your customers contact us at


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