Join us in celebrating 1 year of GovSearch as part of Team TechnoMile/the TechnoMile Family

July 27th, 2020 | By Shalaka Khot, TechnoMile

GovSearch, the authority on who’s who in government, has completed its first year as a part of TechnoMile. GovSearch was called Carroll Publishing (for about 45 years) before its acquisition by TechnoMile last year. GovSearch is a leading provider of smart data with government insights to its customers, who are contractors, consultants, academics, services, and other professional organizations of all sizes and industries. GovSearch can help its customers understand organizational structure and build relationships in Federal, State, Municipal and County governments as well as with the top value Federal Vendors.


GovSearch has its iconic squirrel theme, which represents the never-ending search for government contact information. Guided by its clients GovSearch has developed product-specific innovations, that help speed up your process of connecting with the right decision-makers. GovSearch provides 100% humanly verified data, knowledgeable editors, and feature-rich dynamic web interfaces. Customers rely on Govsearch to provide timely and accurate contact information and organization charts for decision and policymakers in Federal, State, Municipal and County governments in addition to the high-value Federal vendors.


GovSearch has, published and real-time organizational charts, that present the information in a hierarchical structure. GovSearch team has produced the most accurate and in-depth Federal and Defense organization charts in the industry in PDF format. Organization charts are also displayed in real-time from the most up-to-the-minute office and contact information in our database which is continuously being updated. These comprehensive and easy-to-use organization charts and databases have won accolades from users.


Online products GovSearch and FedSearch provide unlimited downloads of contact information searchable with an easy-to-use browser-based interface updated daily. GovSearch is the go-to source for businesses dealing with all levels of government. The contact data is updated daily. GovSearch also provides Data Sets, these Data Sets provide data in Microsoft Access, tab-delimited text and XML format for import into a customer-hosted database with bi-weekly updates.


Building relationships and reaching the right decision-makers is the key to influencing purchase and policy decisions. GovSearch makes the information you need to reach out to decision-makers in government easy to find and keeps it up-to-date for their customers!


GovSearch provides efficient search features that simplify the process of finding the right information. These are the Top 4 Search Features supported by GovSearch-

  • POWER search qualifies by organization, branch, location and population range and lets you choose whether to display results by positions or by offices.
  • GOVSENSE lets you add multiple search terms in the same search for specific categories.
  • POSITIONS search qualifies by title or office keyword, government level and population range.
  • OFFICES search qualifies by office keyword, government level, branch, location and population range.

GovSearch expedites the process of knowing who to talk to and where to reach them. GovSearch provides a thorough online database covering contact information for decision-makers at the Federal, State, County, and Municipal Government levels. Find out more – Request a FREE GovSearch Trial!

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