Competitive Insights drive GovCon Ideal Investment during Pandemic Uncertainty

September 8th, 2020 | By Shalaka Khot, TechnoMile

The Right Government Contracting Intelligence can help companies make the Right Investments during unsettling market conditions.


After the onset of COVID19, several companies started laying off people and downsizing, and the government started funding many initiatives to support the businesses, who were doing business with the government. Although the OMB did extend relief for Federal Contractors, still, several Government Contractors started facing various types of risks. Additionally, the onset of new opportunities got created due to the arrival of Coronavirus. So, while there were delays and disruptions, demand for some of the services declined but other services and supplies requirements suddenly escalated.


The pandemic has impacted how the government operates and reviews contracts. Which has led the government contractors to evaluate how they approach contracts and business development, asking questions such as:

  • What opportunities should be pursued?
  • How to decide which ones to invest in based on recent win/loss history?
  • How to determine the probability of winning the contracts?
  • What is my competitor focusing on?

These are just a few of the many questions business development managers are currently asking themselves while planning on pursuing new contracts to grow their business.

For government contracting success, they need a solution that enables them to

  • Build data-driven pipelines
  • Automates business processes
  • Provides fast, actionable business intelligence & analysis

Centralized Platform for Visibility & Evaluation

TechnoMile’s solution integrates with leading business intelligence data sources to automate the import of the project leads for faster opportunity identification, evaluation, and capture. Data is continuously refreshed, so information is always up-to-date.


Competitive intelligence within the system makes it easy to find and evaluate the incumbent contracts up for renewal.


With one click, you can create new opportunities for the contracts up for recompete. TechnoMile’s Growth Platform enables you to build intelligence around contracts you are pursuing and to automate many tasks, including pipeline management, account management, reporting, notifications, and tracking. It includes many analytics tools, including tools for lead scoring, Go/No Go decisions, probability of winning (PWin), and win/loss analysis. Interactive, real-time dashboards, and reports with rich visual analytics. Such capabilities help you gain deep insights into your markets, customers, competitors, and opportunities.

TechnoMile’s Growth Platform provides automation which strategically organizes all data around an opportunity for all users involved in the capture process. In this way, you are enabled to visualize better as you can now centralize all types of data, including partners & competitors, B&P forecasting, and opportunity data.


Optimized Data Insights for Decision-Making

Competitive Insights provided by TechnoMile solutions are powered via integration with federal data sources such as FPDS, FBO, SAM, and EDGAR, which enables you to have access to more datasets. This organizes all federal source data into one platform for easier decision making and working with more accurate data. Competitive insights enable companies to identify and qualify more public sector business. We have created a solution that enables enterprises to build data-driven pipelines, automate business processes, and provide fast, actionable business intelligence and analysis through key metrics and filters such as:

  • Period of Performance
  • Solicitations
  • Awards
  • Vendors
  • Federal/DoD Contacts
  • Government Spending
  • Location
  • Sub-contractors


TechnoMile’s Growth Platform is integrated with GovSearch—the Authority on Who’s Who in Government. Using predictive algorithms, Growth Platform proactively recommends contacts based on the opportunities, accounts, and contracts you are pursuing—as well as enables you to view organizational structures such as networks, diagrams, and org charts.


Next Steps

Now that we have identified and settled into the new normal, the GovCon sector is already on the move. In such a scenario you need the oversight regarding which new opportunities are operational in the pipeline. TechnoMile’s Growth Platform will help you gain more in-depth insight into your market opportunities, customers, and competitors all in one integrated solution. In this article, we’ve only peripherally presented what can be made possible by choosing TechnoMile’s insightful Growth Platform. For more information about how your organization can benefit from our product line, you can email us at or reach us at to request a demo.

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