Innovation Through Complete Connectivity Using Salesforce1 Platform

Innovation Through Complete Connectivity Using Salesforce1 PlatformInnovation using Salesforce1 platform starts and ends with complete connectivity and integration of all of your business programs and applications. Salesforce1 gives you absolute control over every facet of your operation in a way that nothing else has been able to do. If you don’t already know about the amazing features of this powerful platform, you need to read more about this!

Connect With All of Your Sources With Ease and Speed

The Salesforce1 platform makes it so simple to connect and access data from external sources with a few clicks. You’ll have complete access to your legacy systems including SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, and so much more with ease in real-time. Significantly reduce your integration times and modernize your business systems.

Unlock Your Back-Office Systems and Create Apps

Utilizing the tool sets of and Heroku you can simply integrate your legacy and back-office systems. Use the APIs and tools to build your own custom applications, so that your employees can easily access all of your relevant data with ease in a solution that is tailored specifically for your needs. Don’t worry about rebuilding your data integrate your SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft information into the Salesforce1 platform!

Salesforce1 is Loaded to the Brim With Powerful APIs

This powerful platform provides a rich set of quality APIs that strive to extend and connect you to your most important organizational information. You can access the immense amount of Salesforce1 data with the REST API or you can integrate Salesforce1 with other applications and devices using the powerful SOAP API.

The innovation does not stop with Salesforce1. Contact us to learn more about this amazing platform and to learn about our service offerings!