FedCapture 4.0 Release

FedCapture New Features and UpdatesTechnoMile is excited to be announcing the release of FedCapture 4.0. We’ve worked hard throughout the summer to bring you many new features, including enhancements to the Resource Management module, and to deliver several feature requests sent to us by our loyal customers. Please read through the release notes below for details on all of the new features and enhancements!

This release will officially be available for installation upon request starting today, August 24th 2015.

New Features:

Custom Buttons on the Opportunity Page

  • Custom buttons can now be added to the Opportunity page using a new object called TM_CustomButtonObjects. The setup is similar to creating a custom button in the Setup menu. Simply click “new” on the custom object tab and enter the requested information. For more details, contact support@352.730.myftpupload.com.


Organization Won Opportunity Value Roll-up

  • A new field has been added to Organizations called “Won Opportunities Total Value” that displays the total value of won opportunities owned by that organization and its child organizations.


Opportunity Inline Editing

  • Opportunity records can now be edited inline without first clicking the “Edit” button. Probability, Record Type, Opportunity Owner, Territory, and Salesforce 1 do not currently support inline editing and will remain unchanged.

FedCapture Training Videos in Salesforce

  • You can now access the FedCapture training videos available via the TechnoMile knowledge base directly in Salesforce. These videos are available on a new tab called “FedCapture Training Videos” and include all the admin videos currently available for FedCapture.

Feature Updates:

Resource Management/Budgeting

  1. Employee Availability Tracking
    • The admin team can now setup a number of hours/week an employee is available for work
    • Once setup, users will see this data on the opportunity Resource Management/Budget tab; and any employees on the table who have more hours scheduled than their configured number of available hours will show with hours in red text.


  2. Employee Rate Card
    • The admin team can now setup a default cost/hour for each employee record in the system.
    • The user can use the default cost/hour for an employee when entering hours or set a new cost/hour for that specific week and opportunity.


  3. Overhead Expense Tracking
    • An admin can now setup tracking for overhead or incidental expenses. A default set is available with the upgrade, but the available types of expenses can be updated by the admin directly in the Setup menu. For information on updating this, contact support@352.730.myftpupload.com.
    • Users can now log overhead expenses and add it to their budget. This can be used for facilities, travel, and more.

Configurable At-A-Glance Section

  • The at-a-glance section at the top of the opportunity page can now be configured to show any fields from the opportunity. These can be setup in the custom settings by an admin. For information on updating this, contact support@352.730.myftpupload.com.