Sunset for AppExchange App Custom Profile Image


TechnoMile developed Custom Profile Image application in order for customers to upload images associated with Accounts and Contacts. The application was launched on February 20, 2013 and was very popular in Salesforce Community.

In Custom Profile Image Application,  we were using home page components along with VisualForce Page  to upload images. The images were stored in Attachments Object.

This app was so easy to use. And user needs to follow these simple steps,

  1. To add Pictures to an Account or Contact, user needs to navigate to the appropriate record and click on the picture icon next to Account Name as shown below.
  2. Click “Choose File”
  3. Select the appropriate picture. Then click “Open”.
  4. When user returns to the “Select Account Profile Image:” dialog box, click “Save”.
  5. User will be brought back to the record, and the picture should be displayed next to the Account/Contact Name.

But with the recent Summer ’15 release Salesforce removed unsupported code from HTML Area home page components. As a result, components that contains JavaScript, CSS, iframes, or other unsupported markup stopped working properly. Also, Salesforce restricted access to the Social Profile Viewer  component through sidebar components or visualforce component.

Unfortunately because of these changes, we have decided to discontinue offering this application. We have created a request on Ideas forum to enable access to this component and we hope Salesforce provides this.

If you need this feature, you can use the Salesforce Labs app

So long…Profile Images..