7 Reasons Capture Planning for Government Contracts is a Winning Strategy

7 Reasons Capture Planning for Government Contracts is a Winning StrategyCapture Planning involves building strategy, teams, relationships, and more to engage government decision makers and gate keepers to land regular and recurring contracts. The process is intricate and complex, but there are many great reasons to engage in the process.

  1. Relationships – In the sharing economy, relationships are key for customers, vendors and more. In government contracts, relationships are even more important, because with so much bureaucracy and paperwork, knowing the right person can cut costs and increase approval times.
  2. Quality – Proper capture planning includes analyzing your entire sales process, and creating a winning strategy to entice the government contracts. This process increases quality throughout your organization, which improves your overall product.
  3. Planning – It goes to say that planning is a part of capture planning. The oft quoted saying, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail holds true. The planning that goes into capture planning affects your entire business, not just the government contract you are attempting to get.
  4. Goal Setting – In planning on being the first to respond to a Request for Proposal (RFP), you set organizational goals and meet them. This gives you tools to respond quickly, and also gives you opportunities to review your entire goal setting process.
  5. Pricing Reviews – Government contractors have to give detailed accounting for their prices, in an attempt to prevent corruption. Budgeting is always a useful activity, and capture planning will go in depth into your budget per contract.
  6. SWOT – If you haven’t done Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats analysis for your organization yet, capture planning will require you do this. Analyzing internal weaknesses and external threats and how to change them into strengths and opportunities enhances your ability to respond to the market environment.
  7. Trust – Capture planning, if successful, will show to additional customers that your business has the ability to successfully fulfill government obligations.

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