QR Code Tools That Help with Salesforce Consulting and Implementation

Salesforce Consulting and Implementation Tools That Use Video ChatAdding contact information into Salesforce is an important process for any business. One way to do this more quickly and effectively is with QR codes, which are the black and white boxes you can scan with a smartphone. Here are a few tools that help you use QR codes to aid with Salesforce consulting and implementation.


This is a QR scanner that integrates with Salesforce. This means that you can use the tool to capture contact and lead data from any medium and upload it directly to your Leads area in Salesforce. MyQR is free to use, and it works especially well for scanning business cards and badges that have QR codes on them.

Scan Fizz

This tool is also useable with your smartphone and it lets you scan barcodes or QR codes and then forward the data to your Salesforce CRM. You can also record products and upload various files this way as well, with just one scan.

Activating the scan will cause the application to create leads and upload documents directly to the right area in Salesforce without the need for you to do any kind of extra maintenance manually.

The tool has native Salesforce features for security in order to make sure that none of the data that you’re uploading into your Salesforce account has been compromised in any way. The tool works with iPhone 3 and up especially well.

Considering the number of leads and products that you may need to upload in a day, it’s a good idea to automate this process as much as possible with QR scanning applications such as these.

For more information on uploading data to Salesforce through QR as well as through other methods, please contact us.