By deploying Salesforce Service Cloud Unlimited Edition and Data.com, Buckner Companies was able to operationalize a consistent Lead nurture and Sales management process. Cranes are now ‘Assigned’ to active jobs and high probability opportunities, and automatically calculating Monthly and Yearly Utilization by crane. A middleware connector was used to integrate Viewpoint and Salesforce now exposing key Invoice information for Active Customers, all in one place and available on mobile devices.


Buckner Companies lacked a consistent Sales methodology for their General Contractors and Customers. Their Crane Scheduling and planning process was managed in outdated Excel spreadsheeth, with no clear visibility into Crane Utilization and availability  There was a general consensus amongst the company that Invoice information was difficult to lookup in Viewpoint.


  • Faster Lead-Quote time
  • Eliminated Double-Booking of Cranes
  • Strong adoption as all the information Sales teams need is in one system