Enterpreneurs’ organization

Enterpreneurs’ Organization Nurtures A Growing 8,000 Member Busines Network with Technomile

The Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) is a non-for-profit that provides budding entrepreneurs with the right tools to run their own business. Since there is no better way to learn how to run a successful operation than by learning from those who have already succeeded, EO strives to connect small growing businesses with established organizations in order to create a global network that works towards encouraging individuals to use their creativity to transform the world.

While they offer an online forum and a one-on-one mentoring program for members, the company relies heavily on in-person networking events to create and nurture a strong community of social entrepreneurs.

In order to renew member subscriptions and sustain and grow an 8,000 member entrepreneur network, they would host events in various major cities for their members, but quickly discovered that the way they managed their registration forms was inadequate. Invitees would discover that they were not properly registered for upcoming events despite repeated confirmations online, resulting in continuous customer complaints.

The company required a system that would automate the registration and survey process, provide their sales and event team with detailed customer feedback, and facilitate a more stringent event management process.

As an existing Salesforce.com CRM user, EO was already using cloud technology to capture, track, and score leads and understood that they could also maximize their presence on the cloud by also using it for event management purposes. Salesforce.com recommended they leverage a Salesforce certified integration partner to provide faster time to value.


TechnoMile always enjoys working with non-for-profit organizations since their goals are in line with the Salesforce 1/1/1 philosophy which leverages people, technology, and resources to help out charitable organizations. So for this project TechnoMile recruited their top business process consultants and developers who were not only technically knowledgeable but also enthusiastic about the undertaking. With a combined 100+ Salesforce.com integration project experience for clients in the non-profit sector, they were able to improve EO’s event management process but also boost their renewal rate through two well-matched integrations.

TechnoMile bolstered their CRM value by performing integration with Form Site-a cost effective form creator application that easily allows you to create registration, event, and survey forms with ease. The information captured in this application is stored within the Salesforce CRM, making it easier to organize and analyze member activity and view account details, allowing them to understand the lead to member conversion rate.

TechnoMile also took advantage of Events, a free Salesforce Labs application available on AppExchange, which makes it easier to view event statistics (e.g. expenses, registrations, venues with Google Map integration). Being easy-to-install and customizable, it was the perfect add-on to complement EO’s event management process. The company also decided to take advantage of Chatter and use it throughout all of their departments as a way to increase internal communication and productivity. While they loved using Salesforce before, TechnoMile’s training courses helped them become very comfortable with using the software as an event management tool and they have increased their cloud usage substantially.


  • Reduce registration time and therefore the number of customer complaint
  • Eliminate bad data and are able to use up-to-date data from events and seminars to help with lead management process
  • Increase renewal rates and receive positive feedback from members from around the globe
  • Able to strengthen and manage relationships with business development partners with ease