Salesforce1 Opens Doors for Field Sales

In the intensely competitive communications space, faster close rates for your sales team can have a huge impact. With a field team selling an array of product in multiple states, Ameritel & Salesforce Partner TechnoMile have innovated and fine-tuned the field sales process using Salesforce1 to arm its sales team with great customer relationship management tools where they need them most – in the field.


Ameritel Sales team, T-Mobile’s premium North American wholesaler, moves dealer-to-dealer, rain or shine, to sell communication devices and accessories. With the Salesforce1 Platform, the organization now can conduct all their business through iPads, iPhones and Android devices. Salesforce1 is used to bridge the gap between call center and Sales team for many of processes, including training campaigns for dealers, order entry and inventory tracking. The communication between teams and management, visibility into sales activity and order revenue, and GPS tracking is phenomenal using Chatter and GPS Check-In. Sales reps now have everything they need at their fingertips to help them Sell, Market, and Service their Dealers more effectively.


Field sales benefits from the ability to get fast and reliable data, such as phone activation history, and dealer activation commissions without having to login to their ERP Financialsystem. The result is time saved on every visit, and significantly increased customer satisfaction as Sales reps are now empowered to be true consultants. Ameritel staff can place orders through their mobile devices in the field or call center, resulting in an increase in revenues and reducing shipping errors. Management has real-time accesss to GPS positioning and can plan Dealer Visits based on shortest route through